Top 10 Codeless Testing Tools For 2021

QAutomation News / By Rahul Jain With the advancement and growth in technology and the arrival of DevOps and Agile, the software testing industry is witnessing numerous changes. Software Testing has traversed a long path from manual testing to record-and-playback sophisticated testing tools, then to test automation, and now […]

How To Group Test Cases In TestNG

QAutomation News / By  Himanshu Sheth TestNG is an open-source automation testing framework inspired by JUnit and NUnit. The framework supports data-driven testing, parallel test execution, testing integrated classes, provides access to HTML reports, amongst others. TestNG can be seamlessly integrated with Jenkins, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, Maven, etc. Annotations in […]

Jenkins Best Practices

QAutomation News / By  Kritika Murari  The need for seamless collaboration has driven us closer to the best possible orchestration tools around, specifically Continuous Integration (CI) & Continuous Delivery (CD) tools. Amongst all the competition, Jenkins has emerged with a unanimous popular vote! In fact, it is so popular that it is […]

Essential JavaScript Testing Frameworks

QAutomation News / By  Pawel Czerniewski Without a doubt, automation testing has in recent years grown to become an industry of its own in the software development world. High demand for new platforms, tools and frameworks is driving progress in the field. Nowadays marketing or pricing are becoming secondary issues for […]

Top 10 CI/CD Tools

QAutomation News / By Harish Rajora  With the changes in the software development life cycles (SDLC), the overall process of deploying the code to the server has also transformed. Previously, we used to test the code manually after pushing it onto the main repository and deployed it after carefully […]

Handing Cookies in Selenium Automated Tests

QAutomation News / By  Andreea Draniceanu Cookies, or HTTP cookies, are pieces of data stored on the user’s computer containing information about the user and the user’s preference on a specific website. For example, a cookie can store the authentication information of the user or session information such as browsing […]